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Books Already Released
  • अष्टाध्यायीसूत्रपाठः [aṣṭādhyāyīsūtrapāṭhaḥ]

In a "user-friendly, stress-free" format.
While studying and teaching the Panini grammar, I have witnessed enough unnecessary stress in using existing books because of user-unfriendly presentation, poor quality of the paper, etc.
I tried to improve in formatting this very important reference book.
I also include all the वार्तिक and परिभाषा which are required in studying of लघुसिद्धान्तकौमुदी.

Released by Pujya Swamiji (Sri Dayananda Sarasvati) on Gurupurnima day 2013.

Available in:
Rishikesh Ashram, AVG Anaikkatti, and AVG Saylorsburg.

  • धातुपाठः [dhātupāṭhaḥ]

This handy reference book contains:
1. Glossary of roots in alphabetical order – with meanings in English
2. Classification of roots - ten conjugations and groups within the conjugations like dyutādi – with appropriate sūtras and examples
3. Glossary of roots with prefixes – with meanings in English
4. Significance of indicatory letters attached to roots – with appropriate sūtras and examples

I have been still working on improvement on this.
Especially improving the English translation according to Pujya Swamiji's English.

Released by Pujya Swamiji (Sri Dayananda Sarasvati) on Gurupurnima day 2013.

Available in:
Rishikesh AshramAVG Anaikkatti, and AVG Saylorsburg.

    • Devanāgarī Study Book Volume 1 - Single letters

    A user-friendly, systematically organized book for the students who want to learn Sanskrit Alphabet, especially those whose purpose is studying of the scriptures.
    Keeping in that view, all the example words are arranged.

    • Devanāgarī Study Book Volume 2 - Conjunct Consonants & Exercise on Mantras and ślokas

    A subsequent book to Volume 1. Also very systematically presented.
    The student will be writing familiar Mantras and ślokas which are often chanted.

    With these two volumes, mastering of the Sanskrit alphabet is fast and solid.

    Both are available in:
    Rishikesh AshramAVG Anaikkatti

    Titles I am writing now

    • Grammatical Points on दक्षिणामूर्तिस्तोत्रम् with ध्यानश्लोकाः

    Based on Pujya Swamiji's lecture.
    Not only पदच्छेदः, विभक्तिः, अन्वयः, word-by-word  running translation, but also व्युत्पत्तिः of each single word, including ब्रह्म, आत्मा, शिष्य, etc. are described with Panini Sutras.
    धातु, प्रत्यय, विग्रहवाक्य of समास etc, are found in step by step.

    Now under proofreading.
    Let me know if you are interested in seeing the book.

    • Sanskrit for Vedanta Students Volume 1 -  Nouns (सुबन्तम्), Verbs (तिङन्तम्), कारकम्, विभक्तिः
    • Sanskrit for Vedanta Students - Sandhi Handbook
    • Sanskrit for Vedanta Students Volume 2 - पञ्चवृत्तयः
    • Sanskrit for Vedanta Students Volume 3 - Introduction to पाणिनिसूत्राणि

    Improved version of Antoine. Compare to Antoine 1 & 2, what are;
    Removed - misleading terminology, confusing explanation, "secular" vocabulary, orders in disorder
    Kept - Simplicity
    Added - easy-to-grasp charts, exercises which make you think step by step 

    Volume 1 is about alphabet, verbs and nouns, कारक and विभक्ति.
    Exercise book helps you to grasp syntactical structure of the Sanskrit language, which builds the ability to read.
    After completing the Volume 1, one can proceed comfortably to Panini grammar.

    Volume 2 is about सनादि, कृत्, तद्धित प्रत्ययs and समास.
    Some time after entering Panini grammar, Volume 2 can be studied.

    Volume 3 is all about Sandhi in one place, with charts and maps so that one can visually and easily grasp the rules. Comes with lots of examples which are found in the Shaastras.

    I am working on this


    1. Excellent works Medha ji...saadar mail me the links when these works are available...very helpful and useful books...and very well presented...

      immense thanks and infinite gratitude
      Sampadananda Mishra, Director, SAFIC, Pondicherry

      1. Thank you for your message... All my teachers' grace. Om

    2. Respected Medhaji,

      I am enjoying very much your books "Sanskrit for Vedanta Students". I was wondering if you have answers to the exercises given in Volume 1. If so could you please email them to me at I have been a student of Pujya Swami Dayanandaji for many years and taught a basic Sanskrit course (I have been a looking for a Sanskrit text book to use. Your book is very helpful, useful and very well written. Thank you!)

    3. Dear Medhaji - incredible effort to make Sanskrit accessible to the common person. As a student, I find the books invaluable in learning Sanskrit. I can't thank you enough. God bless. Shiva, Melbourne

    4. Invaluable work. I am waiting for Dkshinamurty Stotram

    5. When may we expect the vol 3 on पाणिनिसूत्राणि

    6. Madam, many thanks for the wonderful books on LSK. You mention other volumes on Thingantah prakaranam. May I know if these are available for download. It will help me (and many) immensely for our studies.
      Thanks again, Sridhar

    7. Very nice way of explaining basics ..Thanks